Dissemination & Exploitation

WP5 aims to create awareness of the project and to develop a strategy for exploiting the results and managing the data. Project communication will provide targeted and effective distribution about the progress and outcomes to stakeholders as identified in a tailored communication plan. WP5 will continuously exploit project results by generating new intellectual property and developing a road map for widespread clinical application.

Task 5.1: Communication and Dissemination

This task will cover the overall communication and dissemination strategy for the project. EIBIR will establish           a communication and dissemination plan in collaboration with WP leaders. It will identify different target groups (scientific audience, research agencies, general public) and specify how these different groups will be addressed (project website, press releases, mailing lists, provision of dissemination material). A project logo and website will be established to communicate project results and to raise the project profile. Interested end users (clinicians and industry) will be assembled during a final end user workshop to explore the use of project results in dedicated discussion rounds.

Task 5.2: Overall exploitation strategy

A first release of the Exploitation Plan for the results of the project will be drafted at M15. This document will identify the most promising strategies to achieve impact, and to address the first steps. The plan will be updated during the project on the basis of the results, and a final release of the Exploitation Plan will be delivered at the end of the project with detailed plans for each output and each partner.

Task 5.3: Innovation and Intellectual Property Management

The objective of this task is to first survey the intellectual property (IP) rights that already exist and then to ensure that all generated intellectual property during the course of the project is identified and appropriately exploited. A freedom to operate analysis covering the various regions of the world will provide the needed level of protection. The identification of generated IP and the communal decision about its exploitation will be discussed periodically (during consortium meetings) and the results will be recorded in annual IP reports.

Task 5.4: Data management

This task will deal with proper data management, both for open access and confidential data. AlternativesToGd will participate in the Horizon 2020 Open Data Pilot, and as such will make data from the project available to others. A Data Management Plan (DMP) will be drafted and continuously updated until the end of the project. This task will cover the collection and storage of relevant data, according to the DMP.

Task 5.5: Internal and EC communication management

This task includes the structuring, coordination and stimulation of effective communication between all project partners and externally with the European Commission. A collaborative online platform (Teamwork) for exchange of information and documents will be established and maintained. Internet-based communication and cooperation tools will be used for efficient information exchange.