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The AlternativesToGd project is developing new contrast agents for MRI that are safe, completely cleared from the body, and do not pollute the environment.

Current generation contrast agents for MRI rely on Gadolinium, which has raised major health concerns resulting from long-term accumulation in patients’ bodies and in water reservoirs.

AlternativesToGd is a collaborative research project that brings together highly experienced engineers, physicists, chemists and radiologists to develop a radically new and innovative contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging. These contrast agents are metal-free, small endogenous molecules, which are hyperpolarised to obtain high sensitivities.

Our multidisciplinary consortium combines the expertise of ten partners from six countries. It includes major universities, research institutes and industry partners.



If you have any questions, or would like to receive more in-depth information on AlternativesToGd, please get in touch with us!

Rachel Katz-Brull s.png

Prof. Rachel Katz-Brull

Project coordinator

Rachel Katz-Brull is a Professor of Imaging at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Centre for Hyperpolarised MRI Molecular Imaging at Hadassah’s Ein-Kerem campus in Jerusalem, Israel, and the project coordinator of AlternativesToGd. She is a seasoned researcher in the field of biomedical nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.


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