Alternatives to GD

The AlternativesToGd project is developing a new type of contrast agent for medical imaging which is safe and completely cleared from the body.

Current generation contrast agents rely on Gadolinium, which has raised major health concerns resulting from long-term accumulation in patients’ bodies.

About the Project

AlternativesToGd is a three-year collaborative research project. It brings together highly experienced engineers, physicists, chemists and radiologists to develop a radically new and innovative contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging.

These contrast agents that will be metal-free, small endogenous molecules, which are hyperpolarised to ensure high sensitivities even at very low doses.

Facts and figures

We answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the project and provide facts and figures.

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Work Packages

The project is divided into six different work packages which cover all aspects of the development and validation.

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We’re are providing open access to published papers and reports, as well as our research data.

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Our multidisciplinary consortium combines the expertise of ten partners from six countries. It includes major universities, research institutes and industry partners.

To find out more about our consortium and its researchers, click on the country on the map below to see the individual partners. On each country’s page you can read more details about the consortium’s members.



Find all our research results, public data, press publications and media here.

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Our scientific publications, and datasets used for those publications, are published free of any restrictions on access.

Press and Media

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We will periodically share news on research developments, publications, presentations and more. For more updates, be sure to follow the project on social media as well using the #AlternativesToGd.


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Rachel Katz-Brull

Rachel Katz-Brull

Rachel Katz-Brull is an Associate Professor of Imaging at the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and the Director of the Centre for Hyperpolarised MRI Molecular Imaging at Hadassah’s Ein-Kerem campus in Jerusalem, Israel, and the project coordinator of AlternativesToGd. She has 25 years of experience in the field of biomedical nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy and has been focusing on hyperpolarised MRI in the last 10 years.

Peter Gordebeke

Peter Gordebeke is a project manager at the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research, and leads the communication and dissemination activities of AlternativesToGd. He has done research in RNA biology in both academic and industry settings, and has past experience in project management of clinical studies, and EU-funded research.

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